Post Music Festival Digital Marketing Checklist

Digital Marketing for Music Festivals

Can you believe it? Another music festival season has come and gone. While this makes me incredibly sad, it also gets me really excited for next year! But before getting started on all the plans for next year, it’s important to properly wrap up your music festival’s digital marketing for this year’s festival. Without this, you risk missing some digital marketing opportunities, as well as encountering some major SEO issues.

Take a look at the checklist below and be sure to use it as a reference as you wrap up your 2017 music festival season. Click the image to see it larger, or click here to download this music festival marketing checklist as a PDF.

After Festival Digital Marketing Checklist

Checklist for Music Marketing


  1. Email Blast: Send an email to all your fans thanking them for a great year and to save the date for next year.
  2. Press Release: Send a release to your media partners to report on the success of the year. Include some stats and highlights.
  3. Social Media: Thank your fans, recap the festival through videos and pictures, and tell fans to save the date for next year. Also ask your fans to share their experiences with you through social.
  4. 301 Redirects: If you’re deleting or changing the URLs of your current year’s content, be sure to redirect those URLs to new content to avoid drops in ranking.
  5. Site Architecture: Start to map out the site architecture for next year’s festival. Follow SEO best practices to ensure discoverability.

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